Repair Process

Estimate & Scheduling– After a preliminary estimate is written by one of our estimators, we will move forward with ordering the parts needed for your vehicle. Once we have received your parts we will call you to schedule a time and date that is convenient for you to drop your vehicle off for repairs.

Auto Dissembling  – Following your scheduled vehicle drop off, the vehicle will be disassembled, to look for any additional damages by one of our certified auto body technicians.  During this process we may acquire a list of additional parts needed that may not have been pre-ordered. At this time, digital photos are taken and sent over to your insurance provider for the processing of your auto body claim.

Auto Body, Frame and Mechanical Repairs – Upon arrival of your vehicle’s body parts, our certified auto body technicians will repair the vehicle’s metal by pulling it straight or setting the vehicle up and measuring it on a frame rack. This allows us to make all the necessary pulls to get the vehicle back to within your vehicle’s manufacturer’s factory specifications.  The certified auto body technician will then replace all of the parts and do a final skim coat of body filler. This allows the parts to harden when cured with heat.

Auto Paint – After all repairs have been made, your vehicle will then be transfered to our Paint Department. Your vehicle will be refinished to exact specifications provided by the manufacturers paint code listed inside the vehicle.

Reassembly – Following the refinish phase, our certified auto body technician will then begin the reassembling of your vehicle.  Better Body and Paint will fit and perfect every fine detail during reassembly to make sure that all auto factory gaps and body lines match up precisely.  Auto glass repair and replacement will also take place at this stage.

Auto Detailing – During our auto detailing process, your vehicle will be polished for color, waxed and buffed.  The interior of your vehicle will also be fully detailed. If pinstripes and decals are required they will also be applied during this stage of repair.

Quality Control – Before we contact you to pick up or receive your vehicle, Better Body and Paint will then perform a complete quality control checklist. We want to make sure that all the required procedures and steps were taken and your car is restored to its pre-damaged state.  Your vehicle will be clean and appear as if the collision never occurred.

Preparation and Auto Painting Process:

  • Chemically clean and remove wax
  • Primer is applied to vehicle, and then primer is blocked out to assure that the auto bodywork is straight
  • Dual-action sanding is performed to assure paint adhesion for painting
  • Air blowing of vehicle part to insure removal of any dust
  • Complete masking, taping and bagging of the auto body part is performed to prevent over spray of the vehicle
  • Creation of “spray-out-card” to tint and match your vehicle color
  • Sealer coat is applied to the vehicle part
  • Manufacturer code matched base color coat color is applied
  • Two (2) coats of clear-coat are applied which will create that glossy shine
  • Drying of vehicle is performed in our infrared baking unit
  • Cooling down of vehicle and unmasking of vehicle part

When the painting process of your vehicle is complete, the vehicle will be returned back to the auto body repair shop for complete reassembly of your vehicle.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Must I do if I am Involved in an Accident?

  • The very first thing that should take place if involved in an automobile accident is to determine the extent of the driver and passenger injuries. Remember that if the accident is just a fender bender, emergency medical care might not be necessary. However, if you are in doubt, call emergency services (911) immediately.
  • If there are injuries and your first call was to emergency services, next call the local Police department to make sure they will also be on scene. Please have them give you advice on whether to move your vehicle to a safe area or not to avoid traffic delays or prevent further accidents.  It is always important to give them as much detailed information in regards to the accident. When possible injuries, police, emergency services and insurance companies are involved, moving the vehicles without police presence or withholding information while relaying the details of the accident, could delay or dilute facts of the accident.
  • If there are no injuries, smoke or fire, take a brief moment and gather your thoughts and stay in the vehicle. When involved in a collision, it is natural for our adrenaline to be pumping and we are not always thinking clearly.  When you take a brief moment to gather yourself, it will be easier to think clearly to obtain all of the necessary information that is needed for the insurance companies to process your auto body repair claim
  • Move your vehicle to a safe area if no injuries, if recommended by the police.
  • Exchange Information with other parties involved in the incident.
    1. Insurance Company Name and Name of Insured
    2. Address and Telephone number to the Insurance Claims department
    3. Insurance Agent Name and Telephone Number
    4. Get the Make and model of the other vehicles involved in the collision
    5. Obtain the License plate number and the vehicle identification number (VIN) of the vehicle(s)
    6. Pictures can sometimes help, so if possible, take some snapshots with a cell phone or camera.
  • Call your insurance company and report the facts of the accident and obtain a claim number.
  • Inform them that you wish to use Better Body and Paint for your collision repair.
  • Call us and give us your claim information. We will then assist you with your auto body repair process and your insurance claim processing.  If you cannot drive your vehicle, we can assist you with having your vehicle be towed to Better Body and Paint.

 “Three Points” you must and should always remember when involved in an auto collision.

  1. Be honest with the insurance companies, even if the events of the accident are not in your favor.
  2. Know where you are going for medical treatment, if necessary and for your auto body repair.
  3. Obtain as many documents as possible to support your claim.

I wanted to drop off my vehicle at your Eugene Auto Body Shop, however my insurance company asked to look at it first so that they can write their own estimate.
Is this the normal process?

Yes.  The insurance company will inspect your vehicle and document the damage that they notice and at this time, they should hand you a copy of their preliminary damage estimate.  Please request a preliminary estimate from your insurance company, should they fail to provide to you voluntarily. Upon receipt of the preliminary estimate, you may now call us and to schedule and start your auto body repair process.

My insurance company has inspected my vehicle and they have sent me a check, what do I do now?

Now you can relax!

Just call us so that we can schedule a time to get your auto body repairs started. When you drop off your car, we ask that you bring with you a copy of the preliminary estimate that the insurance company based the amount of the check and vehicle damages on.  We will use this preliminary estimate as a road map for the auto body repair work. This preliminary estimate will help us when we are working with your insurance company as we locate and find additional damages involved with your vehicle. We want to make sure your vehicle is repaired to its normal pre-damaged condition.

When am I required to pay my deductible for my auto body repairs?

Your Insurance deductible are not due until your auto body repairs are complete and it is time to receive your repaired vehicle.

Other auto body shops state they will waive my insurance deductible.
Will Better Body and Paint waive my deductible?

Your insurance policy is a legal contract between you and your insurance company. We do not want to violate this binding contract. Please note that some auto body shops that waive insurance deductibles cut corners on repairs in order to make up the deductibles difference. We want to repair your vehicle to the highest standard possible so that its appearance and function meet your expectations and your vehicle is returned to its normal pre-damaged condition.