Auto Body Repair Shop

door_sandingBetter Body and Paint specializes in premier quality auto body repair and service that far well exceeds all of the auto body industry standards.  Our large immaculate facility has a full office staff that has extensive experience with the auto body repair process.  With all of our auto body repair years of experience, we are experienced and qualified to work on every make and model of vehicle albeit, foreign or domestic.

Auto Body Repair Process

Vehicle Pre-Wash – Your vehicle is sent to our detail department where it is pre-washed so that we can inspect your vehicle for further damages that may have been missed on the preliminary inspection report provided by your insurance company.   This will help to assure that your vehicle is returned to its pre-damaged state prior to the auto collision. 

Auto Dissembling  – Upon your approval, your vehicle is then moved over to our auto-dissembling department where a certified auto body technician will tear down the vehicle to look for any additional damage. During this process we may acquire a list of additional parts needed that may not have been pre-ordered. At this time digital photos are taken and sent over to your insurance provider for the processing of your auto body claim. 

Auto Body, Frame and Mechanical Repairs – Upon arrival of your vehicle's body parts, our certified auto body technicians will repair the vehicle's metal by pulling it straight or setting the vehicle up and measuring it on a frame rack. This allows us to make all the necessary pulls to get the vehicle back to within your vehicle's manufacturer's factory specifications.  The certified auto body technician will then replace all of the parts and do a final skim coat of body filler. This allows the parts to harden when cured with heat.

Auto Painting – Better Body and Paint uses only the highest quality of paint during our auto painting process. With our state-of-the-art painting facility, mixing tools, spraying tools, drying equipment and our master certified paint technicians your cars paint will match flawlessly.

Vehicle Reassembly - When the vehicle comes back from our on-site painting facility our certified auto body technician will then begin the reassembling of your vehicle.  Better Body and Paint will fit and perfect every fine detail during reassembly to make sure that all auto factory gaps and body lines match up precisely.  Auto glass repair and replacement will also take place at this stage.

Auto Detailing – During our auto detailing process, your vehicle will be polished for color, waxed and buffed.  The interior of your vehicle will also be fully detailed. If pinstripes and decals are required they will also be applied during this stage of repair.

Quality Control – Before we contact you to pick up or receive your vehicle, Better Body and Paint will then perform a complete quality control checklist. We want to make sure that all the required procedures and steps were taken and your car is restored to its pre-damaged state.  Your vehicle will be clean and appear as if there was never an auto collision.